47 Year Old Man Almost Lost His Entire Life Savings ($56,000) To A Fake Investment Opportunity Online

Beware of such happenings and never let out your personal information to any website, unknown call, messages, etc. Always have hope and make efforts to recover your stolen funds at any cost.

Cybercriminals using various internet methodologies to scam people are basically subcategories as online scams. Online scamming is increasing day by day due to the increase in the usage of social media. 2022 has a huge increased rate of online frauds compared to 2019 (before the COVID pandemic). It has risen to 25% since 2022 started. There are numerous online scams prevalent in the current market including, but not limited to, the following, 

  • Cybercrime scams: It is criminal activity carried out using the internet.
  • Telephone scams: These are the second most common type of scam in the UK.
  • Other scams include; Email scams, Postal scams, Online dating or relationship scams, Doorstep criminal scams- (say no to doorstep criminals), and Sign up to consumer alerts.

You have to be vigilant of people around you as well as the online scamming techniques to lure people in investing their time and money. Lottery, sweepstakes, and competition scams deliver random flyers or messages about lotteries to people and ask away all the personal information making them believe that they have won a prize which is fraud. Computer hacking scams pop up with random eye-catching links and websites to visit or install, which give the hackers access to your computers and laptops in no time. Fake retailers and sellers pretend to be 100% authentic and steal your funds within seconds leaving you bankrupt.  

Recently a case of an online scam emerged, and boy was it a tough one! This article is about our client who got scammed online, felt hopeless, and reached out to a lot of agencies for help but failed. His wife made an effort to interact with us and we brought light to his hope when they contacted us and the procedure for recovering the money began. This is a success story of an online scam victim who restored his money in the span of a few weeks with the help of our firm. And we are honored to help them not just recover 100% of the total amount, but also find out the criminals.

If you want to keep yourself safe from falling victim to internet scams, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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Jason Parker - A 47 Year Old Man Who Got Scammed Online

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The victim’s name was Jason Parker, a 47-year-old American middle-class man who got scammed online. He lost his life savings worth 56,000$. This middle-aged man worked a lot of odd jobs, part-time jobs, and saved every penny to start up his own business someday. He got married to Martha Johns at the age of 27 and both of them worked day and night to save money so that one day they could turn Johns’ dream into reality. This couple decided not to have a baby until they are financially stable to begin a family but unfortunately came to know they couldn’t have one, God has better plans. Jason was a very concerned man who had a focused vision of what to do and what not to do but when he got scammed by his friend, he was traumatized for a few weeks.

He couldn’t believe what had happened to him and it took him a while to stabilize himself mentally and work on getting his money back. Narrated by Jason: “my biggest life mistake was to trust my friend to invest my life savings in an online scamming propaganda that he proposed before me and tricked me”. However, Mr. Jason recovered his money in no time. As soon as he connected with us and we started our search, the criminal was caught and all of the lost money was returned to him. But he is not the only one who got scammed online by a close companion, millions of people get scammed online or by a close acquaintance on a daily basis and only a few can restore their lost money. The only way to avoid it is to be vigilant of everyone, especially the people around you at any cost.

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The Tactics Mr. Jason’s Scammer Used To Manipulate Him

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Mr. Jason was an ordinary man working who had a strong perspective in front of him, he worked so many jobs since a teenager and saved most of the earned amount so that one day his dreams to start up a business could come alive. He was not a very well-educated person and did not know much about the social media trends, setups, or even the frauds and decisiveness. He had a close friend named Maximus Klein, who he became friends with at a part-time job. He was a tall man, aged between 39-42, half French. Maximus was a 2-year-old friend and Jason could trust him with his heart knowing this man would never cheat on him, be it a small thing or a bigger investment. But Mr. Jason noticed that he never discussed his family or where he lived (simply his personal information and identity).

Jason would discuss his plans and ideas with Maximus about the business he wants to start. And how he has been reserving the money to fund a small business that he and his wife could run, and lead a peaceful life. One day Max told Jason about an online trustworthy website that has the best customer review. It took a while for Jason to muster all the courage in signing up for this website to give in all he had, but he took it reliably on behalf of Maximus. As Jason tells us, he made up his mind to login to this website about a month after Max introduced Jason to this life-saving website where they ask for some personal details like your name, email, address, ID number, bank account details, etc. He gave in all the required information along with his private banking details. He was told that they lead you to the top online ways of investing all your money safely and nothing goes wrong with it, so this decent man signed up for this online scam waiting for all his life savings to be seized.

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When Jason signed up for this website, he knew nothing about it, Max gave all the needed assurance that he needs to wait for a couple of days for this platform to work. But when Jason came to know what had happened to him, he had missed the boat. Jason kept on trying to login to the link provided for 2 days exactly but it was all in vain he contacted Max but his numbers were blocked, the apartment where Max lived was locked and nobody was there. His mind was constantly giving him signs of what had happened but he was not ready to accept until Martha came to know about all the matter. Jason was completely blacked out at that moment, frozen and fainted, he could not even focus on anything at the point where he knew he had lost everything that he saved in his life. Every penny that he set aside to make 56,000$, was gone in front of his eyes and he was abandoned.

Martha states that she was always suspicious of Maximus Klein, his behavior and attitude were potentially questioned and she never trusted him with her gut. Immediately after Jason told Martha about this scenario she contacted the police and they led her to some firms and agencies who help with online scamming and claim to get the victims their money back, but they wasted 3 weeks running around seeking help and continuously failed at every step they took. They were guided to some financial institutions and firms but nothing was happening so far, and in the meantime got to know about our agency “Chargebackway”. Martha contacted us and gave in all the required details of the case about how it happened and the firms that they have been trying to reach out to, we assured them that we will pull the strings and get the money back.


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7 Days Later We Tracked Down 100% of The Stolen Amount & It Was Returned to Mr. Jason

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Jason was not ready to contact any agency and let the word of him being scammed by his own friend due to the social pressure, shame, and the fact that he was not prepared to believe that he is a victim of this fraud. Martha managed to get her nerves under control and consult for help. The other agencies where she applied to were not so professional, they promised to assist but the services were not satisfactory because they backed out saying this case has no loopholes. Martha’s second aunt Lily Payer suggested our website. Lily is one of our old clients who also got scammed by an online relationship fraud as we were successfully able to recover her 13,000$.

Martha and Jason had already lost all the courage when they came to us but they believed our website was reliable and relevant through the positive customer review. Taking in all the credentials we assigned our leading officers for this complicated case, the search began by noting all the events that occurred in the time period of a year, especially the minor details of how Maximus became a close acquaintance. All the information about their engagements led us to unlock this case. This case was then put forth to our cybercriminal detectives who visited all the places where any sign of Maximus was possible. During this time, a week into this investigation, a letter dropped off by Jason’s doorstep threatening his life if he tried to reach for any sort of help.

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This letter was like a bullet through his heart and Jason consulted us for what should be the next step. Our detectives somehow managed to find out the location where this criminal had his hideout and our team hacked their fraud system. It was discovered that this was a whole team of criminals working undercover, who change their getups and target new people every year.  They focused on the masses of middle-class people struggling in their lives, having no back-ups, knowing that they have no plan-b to hold onto. In the first week, we were able to recover 60% of the told amount without a sign of letting the criminals know.

The struggle was in taking out the money along with catching the criminals, saving any future scams and frauds they commit by making such websites and links to aim for the majority of the people. On the very seventh day of this investigation, we were successfully able to track down the whole 100% amount of 56,000$ lost by Mr. Jason, this case was not as tangled as it seemed but it was certainly tacky. Mr. Jason and his wife Martha got their life back together to work on their dream of a small business. Our team reported about these cybercriminals officially as soon as we recovered the money. We are proud of our agency for providing such vigilant and in-time services to the victims by making sure they get back what is lost. The fact about this sort of scam is that only 5% is conducted by actual criminals while 53% is committed by one’s close connections and associates.

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Avoid Online Scamming by, 

  • Stopping and thinking if you have to invest such an amount of money online, or let out your personal information.
  • Acting timely, the moment you realize that you have been scammed call your bank and get your card blocked immediately,
  • Helping those in need, if your friend or family is a victim of such scamming propaganda, help them by reaching out for consultation as soon as possible,
  • Reporting to the relevant authorities,  if you become aware or suspect a scam.

We make sure that our expert consultancy is always available and accessible. We give our best in order to recover the stolen funds of victims.

Amount Recovered, Day Saved!

We hope the story of Mr. Jason Parker was helpful and informative, the way he got scammed by his own close friend and nearly lost his life savings. He is a living example of such scams, along with Mr. Jason are millions of other people with their untold stories while many of them do not seek help or guidance because of social awkwardness or life threats given by the criminals. Beware of such happenings and never let out your personal information to any website, unknown call, messages, etc. Always have hope and make efforts to recover your stolen funds at any cost.

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