Father’s Day Scams Have Evolved Over Time – Here’s How!

Everything adds color to the special day. However, scammers, like every other opportunity, do not let this go out of hand. They take advantage of people by dropping an email with persuasive words and context, particularly offering dads a Father’s Day concussion or gift.
June 2, 2022
fathers Day Scam

Father’s Day is a universal celebration in regard to the sacrifices and efforts of fathers all around the world towards their children. It is celebrated and cherished in full swing, from cakes and decorations to gifts and flowers. 

Everything adds color to the special day. However, scammers, like every other opportunity, do not let this go out of hand. They take advantage of people by dropping an email with persuasive words and context, particularly offering dads a Father’s Day concussion or gift. The reports stated that more than 15000 victims had to face financial damage due to the Father’s Day scam. Thus, it is another increasing, yet, undetectable scam. People least expect these kinds of scams due to emotional attachment and the old tradition of celebrating such events.

How To Identify Father’s Day Scams?

Fathers Day

The most essential thing in order to avoid any kind of scam is to be aware of it. The Father’s Day scam is no different from other scams, it inflicts financial and personal damage on the users. There are a few ways users can identify and prevent it.

1. Email Format

The Scammers are more likely to email you, which start with “Ma’am or Sir”. However, a real company delivering gift cards or gifts will use your name to address you. The suspicious formatting or usage of words could be a great indication for one to not respond instantly without confirming the email validity.

2. Personal Information

The Scammers will pursue you to provide your personal information which might be required to complete the procedure, another professional strategy to make things look real. The intense emphasis on personal details can lead to users responding under pressure. However, no business stresses personal details without providing a security guarantee or free consent of users.

3. Offers on Products

The most attractive strategy is free products or discounts on products, which is practiced all over the world. But the scammers make it look extra attractive with their advertising campaigns, and they are more likely to target consumers who are willing to buy expensive products, such as watches, electronics, or luxury items. Expensive gifts demonstrate high value for a person and high achievement for scammers.

4. Email Phishing

Further, the scammers even target the victims through emails. The anonymous email provides a link along with sweet and convincing context, whoever will be a member or gets themselves registered on this website will have their gas or electric bills paid by the organization. 

This much attractive and opportunist email can end up being great trouble for the victims. The links are infected and thus install the malware software on the user’s gadgets or hack their emails. This way, the scammers get hold of the personal information of the users. In addition, they also try to jeopardize bank account details, threatening the financial assets.

5. Purchases From Gift Cards

Scammers are more likely to pursue customers to buy products by using gift cards. This helps scammers get hold of users’ bank account details. Thus, they hack the accounts and steal all the money from them.

How to Protect Yourself from Father’s Day Scams?

Fathers Day Scam

After knowing how one can be scammed or what strategies the scammers use, it is essential for an individual to know how to prevent it or protect yourself from the scams, particularly the scam our article is focusing on – the Father’s Days scam.

1. Check the email domain for validity

The majority of the scammers send emails from anonymous and illegitimate email servers, the users do not get into much research on the email domain and validity before accepting their offer or responding with the same energy. The scammers, being aware of users’ lack of awareness, take full advantage. Thus, before accepting the product offer or buying from the company, customers should ensure their security.

2. Use a Gift card after researching

The customers are recommended to avoid using gift cards in general, however, if due to any reason they are willing to use them, then ensure the security of financial assets and personal data. Firstly, the customers should check the terms and conditions, it should be illegitimate and make proper sense. Additionally, the expiration and limitation gift cards should be considered carefully, it should not cause problems ahead.


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. We can help you with your legal and technical concerns. We can help you get your money back.

3. Avoid clicking on anonymous links

As stated earlier, the scammers attach malware links that affect the computers causing damage to users’ personal and professional details, this also include hacking bank accounts and home addresses. Thus, it is always better to not link on unknown and anonymous links either on social media or in emails.

4. Purchase from branded and well-reputed companies

The reviews play an essential role in influencing one’s decision, and with the expression of speech, people are very straightforward towards their opinion regarding brands and their products. Thus, one should always consider reading the reviews before purchasing. 

If the company is scamming its customers, the purchaser will definitely inform the rest of the buyers to prevent the same from happening with others. It also affects the brands’ reputation. It is always better to have suggestions from people around as well other customers of the brand you are considering buying from. Further, followers speak louder, the more followers demonstrate a good reputation regarding the quality of products. However, that is not the case with every brand. Scammers try every strategy to make their profile looks appealing and attractive, thus, some do buy the followers.

5. Look for misspellings

The emails from anonymous email domains and identities always or the majority of the time do leave traces of their illegitimacy. Thus, the emails, as well as the websites run by scammers, contain spelling mistakes that are difficult to identify due to large content, especially on websites but not unavoidable.

Key Takeaways!

The scammers are active and reactive towards the scam opportunity, thus, they do not even let go of a universal day – Father’s Day. They trick people by offering them free or discounted products which results in them hacking their personal data or the bank accounts or stealing money. The concern is how are you going to save yourself, Chargebackway is here to assist you.


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