Ohio Man Scams 59 Innocent Victims with Fake Hunting Leases

Nathanal Knox, the mastermind behind this Ohio fake hunting lease scam, scammed around 59 hunters and gained approximately US$ 34,000 out of the scam. Read on to find out more about this ongoing scam!
May 27, 2022
Lease Scams

Do you know that our world is now filled with scams from everywhere? Sad, we know, but no one can do anything about it. I will be talking about this scam that has damaged around 59 people as a person from Ohio scams people by allowing them to have access to hunting leases during the peak season. 

Unfortunately, those leases were all fake, but what is the complete story behind them and how you can identify such scams is something only we can tell you about, with a little bit of background of this famous scam for fake hunting leases being sold by the Ohio man. So, keep reading to discover more about the scam and how you can successfully avoid it.

The Ohio Fake Hunting Leases Scam


Nathanal Knox, the mastermind behind this Ohio fake hunting lease scam, scammed around 59 hunters and gained approximately US$ 34,000 out of the scam. Two hunters went to the private land for hunting; however, the landowner confronted them for invading the land. 

They realized that they had been scammed, and the culprit was none other than Knox. He scammed around 59 people in Ohio by selling out fake private properties which were owned by others. He secured payment from different methods such as Venmo, Paypal, wire transfers, etc. He got $400 to $5,000 per hunt from the hunters through fake advertisements, promises, and leases. He took two payments in the form of deposits and then the final payment for the lease. The two hunters, the owner, confronted for trespassing, had already paid the deposit and now were going to pay the remainder. 

Still, luckily they went to the property and met the owner while finding out about the scheme. They cleverly set up a meeting to pay the remaining amount with Nathanal Knox and let the officers from the law enforcement team take over the case. That is how Mr. Knox was caught red-handed and was charged with an approximate sentence to prison for a period of 20 years. So, how exactly do these scams work? Let’s check out in the next heading.

How Did They Carry Out This Scam?

These frauds are more common than you might want to believe. Whether it is a hunting lease, house rental, land rental, or any type of rental, these scams are at their peak these days. 

The rental scam is something where a single property, lease, land, apartment, or such item is sold out to multiple people at a single time. These happen in many ways; there are hijacked advertisements, phantom rentals, and more.

The hijacked advertisements work when a real estate listing’s information and contact details are changed, and then it is modified and sold on multiple websites. This way the majority rent out the property, but it is all fake, and the scammers take the deposit and disappear. 

The phantom rentals are when listings are made for properties that are not for sale or are not real. In such cases, low rents, high-end benefits, and much more are offered to get your money. The hunting lease scam involves fake promising advertisements with extremely great deals, and then after collecting the deposit, the scammers are nowhere to be found.

Even though you may never be able to recover your money after being scammed, you can always look out for the signs of the scams and save yourself from future problems. So, how can you find it? Keep on reading.


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. We can help you with your legal and technical concerns. We can help you get your money back.

Warning Signals for The Future

Being a step ahead is always a great way to save yourself from future troubles and wrong investments. So, what are the signs that my point is that you are dealing with a scam?

  •         First of all, scammers will always ask you to wire the money. This money can be named a security deposit, a month’s rent, an application fee, a vacation rent fee, a hunting land fee, and more. There is no proof if you wire money to someone, just like handing in cash, so there is no route to fund recovery.
  •         A payment deposit for the rent is required before signing any official contract between the parties. If you cannot visit the land before paying for its lease, then it is probably a scam, so do your research properly.
  •         The third pointer is when you get the agreement done and everything but still cannot visit the hunting land because the so-called owners are out of town or country. This could mean that the said land does not exist or is not their personal property. Unless you meet with the contractor or owner and see the land for yourself, do not get into deals on your own. These may be fraud, so do not wire money outside the country or through processes where you do not have any safety.

·         Lastly, suppose you find the advertisement for a lease suspicious. In that case, the advertisement has pictures taken from Google, missing information, wrong email addresses, typo errors, spelling, and grammar mistakes. This might be a sign of fraud. So, look out for even the smallest suspicions before investing any amount anywhere or getting any lease.

Stay Informed!

So, now you know what type of scam the Ohio fake hunting lease scam was that caught 59 innocent hunters in its grasp and let Mr. Nathanal Knox earn above $30,000. If you ever face such a type of scam or are involved with such a case, always keep in mind to get the law enforcement teams involved so that you are safe. 

Now, you know the basic signs of a scam and how to identify the hunting lease scams, so follow these pointers and never believe in high-profit returns, fake and unreal promises from the brokers and if you happen to get a good deal, always remember to use transactions where you can track whereabouts of the person getting the money and have a proof for your investment.


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