The Major 411 on Tinder Forex Scams

The Tinder Forex Scam is considered a worse scam compared to others as it tries to fabricate a private and personal connection with the person. This sort of scam leverages one’s weakness and manipulates the victim’s life. It is the kind of scam that attacks one when they are vulnerable and at their weakest point.
May 13, 2022
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The tinder forex scam is about one signing up for a dating app and then looking for people interested in investing in deceptive products designed to make a person lose all of their money. This is done after earning one’s confidence. The scam is called the ‘Tinder Forex Scam’ as it is commonly called in dating apps. It is considered a worse scam compared to others as it tries to fabricate a private and personal connection with the person. This sort of scam leverages one’s weakness and manipulates the victim’s life. It is the kind of scam that attacks one when they are vulnerable and at their weakest point.

The World of Dating Apps

Dating apps are the ones that connect people from different areas of the world looking for partners. One of the most famous dating apps now is Tinder, which is active in 140 countries and has more than 100 million downloads. The main idea of a dating app is to allow you to choose someone you like from their profile from any part of the world and get in touch with the person. The person doesn’t really know your intention towards him/her. This is the scary part of a dating app.


We have encountered victims who were mentally and emotionally drained when they were scammed out of their money. We can help you with your legal and technical concerns. We can help you get your money back.

The Scam Works in Numerous Mischievous Ways

The scam works in a manner that the scammer always acts like a normal person using a dating app. He would respond to messages, and phone calls, take pictures, send and receive videos, and be quite open to the app. They are going to make sure to make the profile look real. This is how the scammer deepens the connection with the victim to gain their trust. The scammer also portrays a highly successful and good-looking person. He/she shares secrets with the victim to gain the person’s trust. They also make up fake stories and so much more to make sure the victim does not suspect them. Now, as time passes, and the scammer is sure that he/she has gained the victim’s trust, he is now going to try achieving his goal, which is convincing the victim to invest in a product and ultimately steal their money!

The thing here is that the scammer does not insist the victim invest. Instead, he makes a proposal that is so hard to refuse. Moreover, the scammer does not talk about it frequently. The main aim is to intrigue and make the victim curious gently. The scammer makes up stories in a manner that it is really hard for the victim to refuse the offer. When it comes to online dating, you never really know who is hiding behind the profile. You cannot even tell if the person is male or female and whether the pictures uploaded of the person are real or not. At times, a single profile is run by multiple people who scam others collectively. Even if the person tells you who they are, the chances are that they are lying. That’s why it can be dangerous when your accessing the web.

A lot of people say that they were scammed by people who claimed to be beautiful Chinese women who had luxurious cars and items. Now, the chances here are that the person may not be Chinese. Others say they were scammed by people claiming to be businesswomen who are constantly traveling. Now, the thing here is that it is not just women who scammed people, but there are many men who do so as well.

People Have Been Getting Scammed Out of Thousands of Dollars!

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There are loads of ways people have scammed others and it seems that everyday there is a new scam case. First off, there are testimonials that the interest of people in the forex market has increased over the years and scammers. Now, when a victim is willing to trade and has zero experience, then the scammer makes a proposal to let them practice on a demo account. The thing about demo trading accounts is that they allow others to invest virtual currency in real-time currency movements. The broker who is going to run the account is hired after research. The brokers are also a part of the scam and have a fake forex server that runs in a manner as they wish. Here the victims are told about the entire process, and the victim gets an IBAN to deposit money into. The victim is also convinced not to write the real reason for depositing the money.

The scam is quite clear here, but most people do not see it as they are told amazing stories about making profits. An experienced investor would obviously know when being scammed, but an inexperienced person cannot, and that is exactly the kind of person the scammers get in touch with.

The Catfish Phenomenon

This phenomenon is not new at all. There are loads of people who catfish others by creating a fake identity on the internet and uploading fake pictures and information that is not theirs at all. There are also people who create fake profiles in order to spy on others out of fear of showing their true selves. At the same time, there are others who do this out of desperation in order to make friends.

Such scams are literally found anywhere in the entire world while many are there who want to steal money. When it comes to dating sites, these scammers make sure you believe that they have a trusted manager who actually works for them and then ask the others to make the investment. Often they ask to make an investment in cryptocurrency, and they convince the person that the value is only going to rise.

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Recent Reports Show an Increase in Tinder Forex Scams - So Be Careful!

The reports of these scams have been increasing over the years, and that is why it is highly important for others to know about the scam. Scammers must be reported no matter what. There is always a slight chance that you will get your money back. Chargeback Way is an asset recovery firm that can help you get your money back. You can contact us by filling up our form!


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