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The minute you reach out to us through the online contact form on our website, investigation specialists will start reviewing your case and working on it. We know that online scams are an extremely time-sensitive matter so the quicker work starts on them the faster your amount can be recovered. Studies prove that if a scam is reported within 2 days of it happening, 87% of the time the scammer can be caught. Following the case review, an expert on our team will reach out to you to discuss your scenario in more detail and advise you according to your circumstances.

Broker Review & Evidence Collection

Just like any other criminal case, evidence is key towards pivoting the case in your favor, therefore at this point, we will start the preliminary stages of evidence collection and broker review. Members of our team will trace your footsteps and follow them back to the scammer in order to attain any and all relevant evidence materials. This includes phone calls, messages, emails, screenshots, billings, invoices, and the overall digital footprint. You will be working closely with digital analysts at this stage in order to ensure that all salient evidence is recovered to make your case as strong as possible.

Building Your Case

Many believe that once evidence is recovered, it is all smooth sailing from there. However, that is not actually what happens. From here, team members will start the paperwork for your case. The information is structured in an efficient, effective, and conceivable manner to ensure that there is no room for rejection by the financial institutions involved. This requires an overpowering understanding of legal paperwork, which is what we are here for!

Recover Your Money

This is the last stage in the recovery process. At this point our recovery experts design a custom strategy on how to go about the recovery itself, they contemplate between going to the scammer directly or getting third parties involved. Initially, we try going to the scammer directly, providing them with the evidence and informing them of the after-effects. In most cases, they are compelled to return the money. However, if that does not work, our team always has an alternative plan to fall back on which is to involve financial institutions. We have partnered with payment providers such as Tranferwise, Paypal, and others which then help us recover your amount!

In The Past 3 Years, We Have Recovered Millions in Losses

We rest assure you that we have 5+ years of experience working with and combating cyber-fraud and various types of financial scams. When it comes to dealing with our consumers we believe in complete transparency throughout the process. Come meet us in person, check out our company details online, or speak to individuals we have worked with in the past, establishing trust is our alma mater. No matter how big or small your amount is, we will recover it!

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Did someone scam you out of your money and now you don’t know what to do? Then you suddenly stumbled upon a company that could get you your money back? Well, in simple terms Ezcharge Back is that company! We are an investigative funds recovery and consulting service which specializes in maximizing the results of your disputes and claims in hopes to get your funds back to you. (Brand name) is equipped with 45+ specialized resources we handle everything from cases of funds recovery to forex scams, and more. More importantly, we enable our customers to understand their rights so that a mishap like this does not occur for them ever again!

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More Than 67% of The Population Has Been Scammed Once in Their Life!

Online scams and frauds are becoming more common by the day, don’t feel embarrassed, scared, or afraid that you have been scammed. Take action and start recovering your funds right away – the recovery rate is 99.9% if you report the scam within 24 hours of its occurrence.

Our Partners Collaborate With Us To Help You

The Threat of Scams in The Digital Age

Scams did not just come into being overnight, they have been affecting the economy for decades, however now there is a new component in the mix – digitization! Due to digitization, the threat of digital frauds, scams, and other malicious activities is on a rapid increase. With each passing year, the threat is increasing, as a matter of fact, it is known that fraudulent incidences rapidly increased from 51.4% during 2017 to 62.1% in 2021.

This has directly impacted companies, individuals, and the economy as a whole. Reports show that in the last 24 months, businesses have incurred $42 billion worth of losses. However, what is exactly causing this accelerated rise? What are the repercussions if this rise continues? Who is being affected by these crippling scams? More importantly, what can be done to stop this disastrous tide we know as online scams, banking frauds, crypto scams, and other types of fraudulent activities.

The Rising Trend of Scams That is Debilitating The Economy

Scams and frauds are crippling the economy piece by piece leaving businesses, individuals, families, and all of us in chaos. During the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunist hackers took advantage of the shift towards digital dealing and the global crises to conduct fraudulent activities. Their tactics consist of innovative techniques such as stealing unemployment benefits, collecting payments for non-existent Coronavirus treatments, and fooling people into donating to unreal charities for the pandemic recovery!

All these manipulative attacks accounted for a $1.1 billion loss to the economy and its people – and guess what! This was just in 2019, it doubled the following year and is continuing to rise since then.

Did you know that in 2021 71% of individuals started making use of online payment platforms which are very easy to penetrate and hack? This brought up fraud risk to 92% and in turn resulted in an additional $2.3 billion losses – if not more. In addition to that while setting up these payment platforms, individuals provided important information, which has ended up in the hands of dangerous scammers. With the digital age upon us, fraud companies and scammers have started making use of more sophisticated fraud techniques to access confidential information through data breaches.

Ever heard of the term synthetic identity fraud? It is when scammers make use of some true and some false information about a person to attain credit cards, bank loans, and other accesses to money and assets, then following that they vanish into thin air. This has cost individuals, financial institutions, and the economy an estimated $6 billion loss annually. Scam artists and fraud companies will go after just about anyone, so you should watch your back!

Who Gets Affected by These Scams?

If there is a robbery in a house down your street, you won’t be affected right? It’s their valuable assets that got stolen, their cash which has gone missing, and their home which has been broken into. However, that is not the case when these scams occur. Our economy is a whole ecosystem of which we are a part, if the economy is afflicted with heavy losses, this, in turn, affects us too!

Moreover, these scams affect everyone. Small businesses, large-scale organizations, individuals, families, and just about anyone they can get their claws on! They are only interested in the gains so, they will come after everyone.

How Can You be Safe From Scams in the 21st Century?

Scammers and fraud artists are becoming increasingly innovative and sophisticated with their attempts of robbing innocents of their money and assets in this digital age. Staying safe from a scam can get tricky, but it is not impossible. One should always be alert that scams exist and the various types because information is key.

Additionally, they should always know the company, organization, or individual that they are dealing with. The digital age is both sides of a single coin, it can be used to your disadvantage, but advantage too. Make use of the internet to find out information about the people you are connecting with, find out what they are or who they are. Most importantly, keep your personal details safe, never share them with anyone.

Stay alert and protect yourself. If you feel as if you are about to get scammed, are in the process of getting scammed, or have been scammed – then reach out to an investigative recovery agency. Get help, because it is never too late to save yourself from the scammer’s malicious activities.

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Scammers have been calling random people on the street while posing as representatives of the National Crime Agency, or the “National Office for Serious Crimes,” and then using a web of lies and threats to try to persuade you to divulge personal information. The con artist then misinforms them that his National Insurance number had been used to claim Universal Credit (NINo). The conman threatened to have him pay back thousands of pounds in benefits that had been fraudulently claimed and put him in danger of going to jail if he didn’t give them his personal information so they could “correct” the situation.


What Can Scammers Do With Your Paypal Email?

Change all of your passwords right away, remove any malicious software you may have downloaded, and, if necessary, contact your credit card company if you think you’ve been scammed. To report the scam and receive assistance with the next steps, get in touch with your neighborhood law enforcement agency.

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Financial fraud is defined broadly as an intentional act of deception involving financial transactions for personal gain.Regardless of the type of financial fraud, it is critical to report the crimes to the appropriate agencies and law enforcement as soon as possible. Financial fraud should also be reported as soon as possible to the appropriate authorities.

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