Trading / Investment Scams

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Investment scams include guarantees of enormous payouts, fast cash, or ensured returns. Individuals should always be cautious of opportunities that promise high returns with close to 0% risk – assuming it appears to be unrealistic, it presumably is – and is almost certain to be a trick. Studies and cases have proven that in the past two years almost 66% of individuals have fallen prey to various types of investment scams including CFD Scams, CryptoCurrency Scams, and Forex Scams.

CFD Trading Scams

The web-based world is very quick, and it is just getting quicker with the progression of time. You currently have a huge number of individuals from everywhere in the world who are effectively investing and trading on an assortment of web-based exchanging websites. You could have experienced a couple of web-based exchanging promotions yourself. Online trade allows individuals the opportunity of making money from home – as easy as that sounds, there are scammers out there waiting to cash in.

They make use of CFD trading scam techniques to trick you and steal your money. There are times when brokers manipulate, promote, and advise clients into losing their money – however, they put a veil on it so that clients are not aware that this is happening – this type of scam is known as CFD Trading Scam (Contract of Differences Scam). If you need help getting out of this type of scam – get in touch with us!

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Cryptocurrency Scams

We are hearing cryptocurrency everywhere, but along with its popularity come numerous scams! These days individuals are being scammed out of thousands of dollars in crypto when scam artists hack into an individual’s digital wallet and start robbing them of their digital assets. If a case such as this has occurred for you contact us now to recover your stolen amount.

As per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Sentinel, from October 2020 through March 31, 2021, reports of crypto-related scams reached almost 7,000 individuals detailing misfortunes of more than $80 million. These figures mirror a 12-overlap expansion in the number of reports contrasted with a similar period a year prior and an almost 1,000% rise in announced losses

Given the dramatic rise in detailed crypto tricks, awareness of reoccurring crypto scams and how to protect yourself from them is essential. Chances are that you might just be a victim of a crypto scam, if you have lost your money to a crypto scam, we can help you recover it through a personalized recovery strategy. Contact us now, before it’s too late.

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Forex Scams

Foreign Exchange scams – also referred to as Forex Scams, are when a third-party organization manipulates an innocent individual into believing that they can attain a large profit through trading in the foreign exchange market. There are numerous blacklisted companies in the market that take your assets in the form of money and vanish into thin air! Assuming you do a web search on forex scams or forex representative scams, the quantity of results is neverending. While the forex market is gradually turning out to be more controlled, there are numerous deceitful scammers who are stealing and robbing innocent individuals.

When working in the forex market it is critical to distinguish dealers who are authentic and to stay away from the ones that are not. To figure out the real specialists from the fake and scam ones, we should always check out the broker first. To do so, you can reach out to our team of specialists, and they can confirm or deny if a broker is authentic or a scam artist.

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If you are an innocent victim of this scam, reach out to us now and an expert on our team will get back to you.

Recover Your Money from Trading Scams

Recover what is rightfully yours! Through an extensive and comprehensive process, you can collaborate with our team of recovery professionals to regain control of your funds. We will help you recover your lost amount and educate you on how to keep it safe from any future scams that may occur.