Dating Scams on A Rise: Anne Lost $98,000 & We Helped Her Get it Back!

Online dating sites and apps are used by millions of individuals worldwide. There are also several success tales of people finding love and companionship over the internet. However, in addition to the achievements, there are also online dating frauds, which are on the rise.

Online dating sites and apps are used by millions of individuals worldwide. There are also several success tales of people finding love and companionship over the internet. However, in addition to the achievements, there are also online dating frauds, which are on the rise. Online dating scams, also known as romance scams or romance fraud, occur when a person believes they’ve made a connection or found a match through an online dating site or app, only to discover that the person they’re interacting with is a fraudster with a fake profile. Over time, the scammer misrepresents or grooms the other person in order to gain their trust and, eventually, beg for money or obtain enough personal information to steal their identity. This form of crime is becoming more prevalent. The Federal Trade Commission in the United States received 11,235 complaints concerning dating and romance scams in 2016.

That number had climbed to 52,593 by 2020. In the United States, losses from online dating scams surpassed $300 million in 2020. A similar number in the UK was £68 million. The coronavirus pandemic, which hindered face-to-face interactions and caused people to spend more time online, created ideal conditions for romance scammers. While anyone can fall victim to a romance scam, older adults are more likely to lose money. Scammers target the elderly because they are more likely to have valuable assets such as retirement savings or homes. Women account for around two-thirds of romance scam victims, with an average age of 50. This post is about one of our clients, Anne, and how we were able to help him recover money he believed he’d never see again.

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If you’re someone who is into online dating, then you’re definitely at the right place. We can give you the best practices in identifying red flags as well as help you in recovering your stolen money from scammers!

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The Junior Web Developer Lost Her Life Savings!!!

Before we go into the horrible specifics of this case, let’s look at Anne’s personality. Anne Marry, 26, worked as a Junior Web Developer at a modest firm in New York, where she earned around 64,400 dollars per year. In essence, Anne was a typical metropolitan girl with aspirations of finding true love, even if it meant going on tinder dates. She interpreted each of her matches as though she’d discovered the one. She was frequently disappointed, but she never let it get in her unwavering optimism. Maybe that’s why she found it so simple to fall in love with the one guy who genuinely cared about her. When Anne came across Jude’s tinder profile, her life was forever transformed.

He had a laid-back demeanor and a catchy bio to match. He appeared intelligent and, based on his bio, witty. He was dressed in designer clothing, from his Louis Vuitton Polo to his Gucci boots, which she couldn’t help but notice. This wasn’t a determining factor in her choosing to swipe right, but it certainly helped his cause. Anne then made a decision that would alter the course of her life for the rest of her life. It was a match when she swiped right. Though she sent him a message, she didn’t expect him to respond or even engage in a conversation, but to her surprise, he did both. They started talking, and it seemed like they were on the same page. She was overjoyed since she had never met anyone who was as interested in her life and profession as he was. He confessed that he was the heir to a global oil refinery firm after a brief talk, which explains his opulent lifestyle and frequent travel.

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She Was Tricked into Transferring Money in Intervals

Anne’s life was like something out of a fairytale, with a driver picking her up for her dates at five-star hotels that were few and far between, costly presents, and roses on her desk. Jude appeared to be completely in love, and Anne seemed to feel the same way. Jude traveled abroad on a weekly basis; thus, the connection was largely long-distance. Jude contacted her hurriedly one day when he was supposed to return, explaining that he was really troubled because he had gotten into a disagreement with his father and cut him off, as well as having his credit cards banned. Jude left urgent voice messages pleading with Anne to transfer him $50,000, so he could continue his journey to Sweden from Spain and visit his father and sort this out. 

Anne had reason to be suspicious of Jude, as it was probable that a quarrel between him and his father had resulted in this. But Anne didn’t have this kind of money on hand, so when Jude persuaded her, she chose to take out loans from two banks for $25000 and $20000, respectively, and the balance from her own savings account for $5000. She continued to transmit the funds to Jude, who assured her that he would refund the funds as quickly as possible. Jude thanked her sincerely after a week, but there was no indication of money returning. Poor Anne believed she would receive her money back within a month. She knew Jude was a millionaire and had no need to be concerned, which is why she remained silent. 

She messaged him one day to inquire about the money, and he responded with a money transfer receipt claiming that he had sent $50,000 to her account and that she had not yet received it. He assuaged her by assuring her that foreign money transfers take time. Meanwhile, he said that his transaction limit had been reached as a result of him wiring her this amount and that if she could cover his daily expenses for a few days, he would be grateful. She used her AMEX card to the limit, for this reason, paying for his high-end shopping, hotel accommodations, and dining out. All the while, she was waiting for the $50,000 to be deposited into her account. Despite everything that had happened, she had no doubt that Jude was attempting to defraud her. This all changed the day she expressed reluctance to spend additional money on him, despite having previously spent $98000 on him.

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Jude then revealed his true colors by acting aggressively towards her and accusing her of not trusting him. This was the final straw, as Anne was left speechless as he became enraged with her lack of hesitation. She had no choice but to contact the financial institutions from whom she had borrowed money because she was unable to repay them. They agreed to pay her a visit, and she proceeded to show them all of the documentation she had acquired and how she had spent no money from the loan on herself. Despite the fact that they trusted her account, there was little they could do to assist her. She also phoned American Express, who gave her the same response. Feeling helpless and worried, she went to Reddit and recounted her dilemma to a member, who sympathized with her and advised her to join Chargebackway, a fund recovery service. The only thing that gave her hope was the fact that an anonymous user had been in her shoes and had used Chargebackway’s services to recover the full money.

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Anne Discovered Chargeback Way

Without a choice, Anne decided to look into Chargebackway, and everything she discovered screamed legitimacy and reliability. Chargeback Way is a firm with one mission: to assist you in recovering your stolen funds most efficiently and securely possible. We will go to every length to retrieve your stolen assets, no matter how big or small the sum is. She didn’t want to be scammed again, so she contacted us and told us about her situation. Our crew was incredibly professional and solution-oriented, and our customer service representatives took the time to walk Anne through the entire process. After interacting with other customers and reading various success stories, Anne decided to give us a try. It ended up being the best decision she’d made in a long time. Investigation specialists began evaluating and working on her case as soon as she agreed to collaborate with us to recover her funds.

Our staff worked with the same sense of urgency that Anne had in her heart; they seemed to understand that this was a very time-sensitive matter and that the sooner they got started, the sooner they’d get the money back. We understand that internet frauds are a very time-sensitive issue, so the sooner we get started on them, the faster your money will be recovered. According to studies, the scammer is caught 87 percent of the time if the fraud is reported within two days of the incident. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Anne, but professionals at Chargebackway assured her that the money would be recovered. Following the case review, a member of our team reached out to her to further discuss your position and offer advice tailored to her unique circumstances. Evidence was vital in swinging the case in her favor, just as it was in any other criminal case, so we started gathering evidence and evaluating brokers right away.

Members of their team followed Anne’s footsteps back to the Judge in order to gather any and all relevant proof materials. Calls, messages, emails, screenshots, billings, bills, and the entire digital footprint were all included in the investigation. Anne is currently collaborating with digital professionals to ensure that all relevant evidence is recovered in order to build the strongest case possible. The team at chargebackway kept her updated throughout the process, which gave her peace of mind knowing that they were putting their all into her case. The members of the team began working on the paperwork for her case. It was structured in an efficient, effective, and viable manner to ensure that the data would not be rejected by the financial institutions involved. This is the final step of the recovery.

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At this point, our recovery experts considered addressing Jude directly, providing them with the proof and notifying them of the penalties, or enlisting the help of a third party to carry out the recovery. They decided to go with the first option and contacted Jude. He feigned to be shocked that Anne would accuse him of this at first, but after being contacted by a group of experts who threatened legal action, Jude caved in and turned in half the money. This didn’t deter Chargebackway’s experts, who had a backup plan in the shape of enlisting the help of financial institutions. They’ve partnered with payment processors such as Transferwise, Paypal, and others to help us get your money back.

Finally, the team contacted banking institutions, who decided to assist due to the incontrovertible proof Chargebackway provided, and they gave Jude a formal notification. As a result, Jude opted to send the final installment of his debt to Anne, making the transaction a success for both Anne and Chargebackway. With the support of Chargeback Way, Anne was finally able to recover financially after months of hardship and even pay off her bills on time. She understands that if it hadn’t been for them, she would have never been able to repay the loan and would have been bankrupt. She continues to encourage others to speak out against online dating scams, and she hopes that if they are a victim of one, they will not be embarrassed to contact reputable fund recovery services like Chargebackway to recover their money quickly and effectively.

If You Are Struggling with a Scammer - Get Help Today!

When you first enter the world of online dating, it appears to be quite exciting, but you will quickly discover that finding a genuine match is rather difficult. Things aren’t always what they appear to be. While internet dating is widely recognized as one of the most effective methods for finding a life partner, many people out there prey on the weak, are dishonest with them, and attempt to exploit them by stealing their possessions, money, and other valuable information. These fraud artists use innovative and sophisticated techniques to carry out long game scams in the hopes of obtaining information from you; however, if this happens to you, do not panic because chargeback way is here to help you recover your information, assets and keep you informed so that you can safely date online! 

If you think you’re being scammed, or if the person you’re dating is acting suspiciously, such as asking for a considerable sum of money, pressuring you to pay his debts, or anything similar, contact our team of experts. We can give you advice and techniques on how to protect your money.

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