Scam Alert!!! Local Mom Warns Others of Baby Formula Scam

According to the Federal Trade Commission, fraudsters are using bogus websites and social media profiles to dupe parents into paying exorbitant costs for baby formula. One mother, who was interviewed by News 3 reporter Kelsey Jones, was a victim. Tiffani-Lynn Synnott remarked, “I simply couldn’t believe I fell for anything like that, but it can honestly happen to anyone.”
June 8, 2022
Formula Scam

A new fraud is preying on mothers who are vulnerable. Because of a nationwide shortage of baby formula, parents are turning to the internet for help. Parents should be especially cautious, according to one Virginia Beach mother, to avoid potential scams.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, fraudsters are using bogus websites and social media profiles to dupe parents into paying exorbitant costs for baby formula. One mother, who was interviewed by News 3 reporter Kelsey Jones, was a victim. Tiffani-Lynn Synnott remarked, “I simply couldn’t believe I fell for anything like that, but it can honestly happen to anyone.”

“She sent me a text and it said she would send it to me the next day. If you could send me the money via Venmo, that would be great. My spouse works for the US Postal Service. I gave her the entire $85, and she said okay, I’ll send it out the next day, and I instructed her to email me the tracking number, “Synnott stated.

Synott claims she’s been blocked from the account since the formula never arrived. Another mother we spoke with said she was aware of the scam and that it has forced her to be more vigilant in her Facebook groups. “Keep an eye on who you’re scamming since it won’t go unnoticed. That’s the last of their formula funds.

Despite the federal government’s efforts to alleviate the formula scarcity, retailers across the country are still having difficulty keeping shelves stocked. “Because it’s difficult, my friend with her son refers to me as “crying a lot.” There have been times when I’ve driven almost to the Virginia-North Carolina border in search of formula, “Synnott stated.

Experts advise reporting fraud to the social media network where you witnessed it, law police, and credit card providers, as well as keeping all receipts.

The Phishing Scams This Baby Formula Organisation Used

Phishing is a social engineering attack that is commonly used to gain sensitive data from individuals, such as login info and credit card information. 

When a hacker pretends as a trustworthy entity and persuades a victim to open an email, instant message, or text message, this is phishing. The recipient is then deceived into clicking a dangerous link, which can lead to the installation of malware, the freezing of the machine as part of a ransomware attack, or the revealing of sensitive information.

A successful strike has the potential to be a disaster. Individuals are victims of unauthorized purchases, identity theft, and money theft,.Furthermore, phishing is frequently used to get a foothold in company or government networks as part of a larger attack, such as an (APT) event. Employees are compromised in this scenario in order to acquire privileged access to protected data, circumvent security perimeters, or spread malware inside a closed environment.

An organization that falls victim to such an attack usually suffers significant financial losses as well as a loss of market share, reputation, and consumer trust. Depending on the scale, a phishing attempt could turn into a security disaster from which a company will struggle to recover.

Phishing Scams Via Email

Phishing Scam

Phishing via email is a numbers game. Even if only a tiny number of receivers fall for the scam, an attacker who sends out thousands of bogus communications can gain access to sensitive information and large quantities of money. 

As previously stated, attackers employ a variety of strategies to improve their success rates. For one thing, they will go to considerable lengths to create phishing messages that seem exactly like emails from a fake company. The mails appear real because they use the same language, typefaces, logos, and signatures. Furthermore, attackers will often try to compel users to act by instilling a sense of urgency. As an example, an email could threaten account expiration and set a countdown for the receiver, as stated previously. When pressure is applied, the user becomes less diligent and more prone to errors.

Finally, inside-message links resemble their legitimate counterparts but usually feature a misspelled domain name or additional subdomains. The URL has changed to in the example above. The similarity of the two addresses gives the sense of secure communication, making the recipient less aware of the assault. Both consumers and businesses must take precautions to protect themselves from phishing attacks.

Vigilance is essential for users. Spoof communication frequently contains inconsequential errors that reveal its genuine identity. As demonstrated in the previous URL example, they can include typographical errors or domain name modifications. Users should also consider why they are receiving such an email in the first place.


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What To Do if You Have Been Scammed?

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